Friday, October 9, 2009

why oh why didn't you come out ten years ago when I could have been a groupie?

Remember this post? Well, last month Laura & I saw them in concert & I am still freaking out about it. The more I learn about The Airborne Toxic Event, the more I like them. The lead singer/writer used to be a music journalist writing for Filter Magazine. In one week his mom found out she had pancreatic cancer, he had an autoimmune disease of some sort & his long term relationship hit the skids. So where do you go from there? You write a bunch of amazing songs & then form an amazing band. I swear each of the members play about three different instruments. Plus there's violin. Yeah, I know. It's beautiful, heart-wrenching, relate-able lyrics plus beautiful amazing, melodic/rockin', music. With violin. Plus I think Mikel is one of the top ten hottest lead singers. What is it about lead singers? I adore them beyond all reason. He is a perfect mix of Don Draper and Adam Levine with even a bit of Sylar from Heroes thrown in for fun. And that voice..... wow. Anyway, I highly recommend.

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Melissa said...

Alright I'll give them a go.