Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2008 Utah Chocolate Show Wedding Cake Contest

Last Friday Sawyer & I had a girls day & went to the Utah Chocolate Show. I had planned on entering a cake in their contest, but I kinda overdosed on cakes in the last few months & am taking a little break until spring business starts back up. With the exception of a cake I donated to a charity auction for Karson's Kause, (which I am actually really excited to do) and a friend's cake this Saturday, I will not be taking on new cakes right now! Yeah for a little holiday break! Anyway, it was fun(-ish) to go look at the cakes & hang out with my girl a little bit. I say fun(-ish) because the cakes were pretty disappointing compared to last year. There weren't as many entries & I totally could have rocked their socks off if I'd have entered. Easy for me to say now, huh? Anyway here are some of my favorites.
Very elegant lace work.
Sawyer's favorite, pink of course.
Even more elegant brush work. Why did this cake not win? SOOOO much work!
See, look, they even made tiny little ballet slippers! Geez louise, this should have gotten way more than an honorable mention.

This was the grand champion. The gumpaste flowers were pretty amazing, but up close their piping was like some I'd do, so yeah, not too perfect.


Melissa said...

I agree with you Celeste. That one should've won.
I'm a fan of chocolate though.
Maybe they were just imagining eating it and that's why it won.

The Green Family said...

Hey, I don't know you but somehow I ended up on your blog. Anyhow, I've taken all the cake decorating classes and have done a couple cakes here and there. It's kind of fun! My husband makes fun of me because any wedding we go to I have to take a picture of their cake. I have to rate the cakes..okay it's silly but fun at the same time. Let me get to the point I would have voted for the one with the elegant work as well, that would have taken forever!