Saturday, November 22, 2008

and here goes all my pride, right out the window...

okay, so I'm going to go there. I'm going to drop all my pride & join the ranks of the 700 million other Mormon mom bloggers who are currently posting something about Twilight. Saw it today. And lets just get it out there right now- I freaking LOVED it. I sat there the entire time with a stupid "shish-eating" grin on my face because I was so in love with this movie. I would never, ever, in a billion, kagillion years ever dare to take on a project like this; one where so many people have such strong opinions about how it should be; where the hype becomes a huge monster waiting to eat you alive. Neverever. No one (short of Brad Pitt himself) could ever live up to the idea that people have of Edward. Robert Pattison is clearly not a photogenic person. Good thing he is not a model, huh? But he is an actor and a damn fine one at that, because he totally rocked this role. I went to the movie with a huge grain of salt in my pocket & was not at all invested in how it turned out, and it was lovely. Anyway, my point today is 3 fold:
1-Do NOT take infants to movie theaters. EVER. It is not the place. Wait until you are no longer attached at the boob, and then feel free to pay a babysitter (like I did, because I wanted to enjoy a movie) and please, by all means, join the rest of the movie goers at the theater. Sorry, its just one of those sacrifices that lives at the intersection of living in a civilized society & being a parent. Both are wonderful blessings that should be enjoyed on a mutually exclusive basis.
2-Twilighters, twilight moms, etc.: Please, please, please could you go about living your lives? Yes, they are lovely books & a nice escape from reality, but maybe not to the extent that we need to be picking teams & displaying our choice in t-shirt form for all the world to see.
3-If you happen to be a single guy looking to getcha some, a great plan would be to hang out around theaters showing Twilight right after it lets out. The 99% of women coming out of the theater at that time are going to be a little... how shall I put this gently... "randy," if you know what I mean. Timing is everything.
There it is, a random rant about my feelings on the subject of Twilight. I'm sorry, it won't happen again. The end.


Melissa said...

This is so funny cause you loved it and I just finished reading a post from my SIL saying how much she hated it and how cheap it was and budget.
I love it.
I agree with the no babies in the theatre.
Poor things, it's so loud and their ears are so sensitive at that age.
I can only imagine what it's doing to them.

Kierstin said...

Oh, Celeste! You are freakin' hilarious and I love your guts! I love your honesty and candid way of looking at everything in this world and I totally, 100% agree with you that women need to get their minds out of vampire world and back into reality. love, love, love ya!!

WowsRose said...

LOL @ randy
That word makes me giggle like a 12 year old boy and a fart joke.

You're hilarious - I haven't read the books, so I have no desire to see the movie. I loved your commentary tho.