Sunday, November 30, 2008

fun new tag

pretty little preggers bird on the lawn had this on her blog today & I am blatantly stealing it. (click on it to enlargificate it.)
Post your top 25 played songs from itunes on your blog & comment to let me know you're participating. It's like virtually looking through your makeup bag or purse, and I think will be very telling. Take mine for example. I have developed a problem this weekend since downloading the Twilight soundtrack. I have listened to Never Think 14 times in 2 days. Yes, that is a bit much. AND that doesn't even count the times I've listened to it on YouTube. Another thing I've learned is that I need to listen to more Smashing Pumpkins. There is only one song of theirs that made the list & they are in my top two favorite bands. The other, obviously is Alkaline Trio. Mix that up with a bunch of hip-hoppy/pop songs & you have me. Nothing too cerebral or indie or fancy, but again, that's me. I love my music. What is yours like? Do share. (if you don't know how to do it & have a mac, read the bird's comment on my last post. if you don't have a mac, I dunno what to tell ya.)

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Melissa said...

The songs I love are on my playlist.
I don't listen to the itunes.
I just go onto my blog and play that while I"m tidying the house.
I've got a huge mix man.
I get sick of songs which I think is why my list is so huge of a mix.
I can't stand too much of one thing.