Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I wanna help with you, mom!

Sawyer has always loved cooking with me. Actually, who am I kidding, I never really cook, I bake. There is a big difference. Like between a size 6 and size 12 big of a difference. So yeah, we bake. As soon as I don an apron and get out my measuring cups, Sawyer runs over and says "I wanna help with you mom!" She has an apron, but it's fugly, just plain red with no personality at all. Anyway, the point of the story is that on Sawyer's birthday, which just happened to be on a Sunday when my amazing sister-in-law Jennifer's family was in town, we had a bit of a family party & Jen's mom just whipped up the MOST ADORABLE apron for her! Such a sweetheart, I love them. I cannot even tell you how much she loves this thing. The fabric is ridiculous. Thanks so much, Nancy!


Dugovic Domain said...

You're right, that apron is to die for! I need a girl so bad it's not even funny! Sawyer is a doll. Have another one just like her and give it to me...k? ;)

WowsRose said...

LOL I thought I was the only one that said, "fugly."

Oh and a little secret - I don't think anyone is really balanced. Some people are just really good at making chaos look good.

Funny - I thought you really had it together.... ;)

For myself, I say no to everything and don't have a schedule. I don't deal with stress well at all, so I really do have to say no to stuff more often then not. lol I'm boring and I love it. And if it makes me and the fam happy, then I do it. Permanent pony-tail bend is HOT!

tanalicious said...

i love that apron! i need her to make one for us.. and by us i mean me, not the child. well maybe one for her too. ;)