Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Susie's Halloween Extravaganza!

I am really catching up on my blogging tonight, aren't I? Okay, now we have Susie's Halloween party, which was not last Sunday, but the one before that. It was super fun to see everyone dressed up & have yummy, yet slightly creepy food. I should have gotten pictures of the meatball/eyeballs or the witches finger rolls or the worm infested jell-o. But here are some pictures of the fun costumes, be sure you check Sawyer's out, because it will not be featured again due to the fact that there will be no traditional trick-or-treating post because I am a bad mom & did not take her this year. (I'll explain later)

A-Rod & MadonnaHogwart's students & Spidey (I love Madeline's hair for this... perfect color!)And this guy is paying the tuition at Hogwart's on a circa 1970's cop's salary.The vultures waiting for the death of the pinataSawyer's "Unihorn" costume. Unihorn really makes more sense than unicorn, so I've stopped correcting her.And finally the pinata is popped by Officer Davis! I love this shot of glee on Jake's face! Classic Jake. It was (as always) such a fun party, thanks Susie!

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Melissa said...

That is a great shot (last)
And I never thought about it but Unihorn really does make more sense.
Maybe I"ll start calling it that as well.