Wednesday, November 5, 2008

dank you grandma & grandpa

I had no idea that Sawyer would freak out as much as she did when I told her that she got mail. The birthday card from Grandma & Grandpa today was completely the highlight of her day. She still has last years card on her dresser, they always find these cute little pop-up bunny cards that are so very Asian-cool it's not even funny. It's a great start to her birthday week. I cannot imagine better absentee-grandparents. We are very excited to have you be the best non-absentee grandparents. See you in May!!!!! We love you guys!


Melissa said...

Asians come up with the weirdest/coolest stuff.
It's bizarre.
They'll love seeing these pic's
Your parents I mean.

Kierstin said...

Mia has that same shirt ;) What a complete cutie she is... love you chair by the way!

E/S MILLER said...

What is going on? Our comment has disappeared!! But we do not know what we are doing. Anyway we hope Sawyer has a happy birthday. She is getting sooo big. We love you and are looking forward to seeing everyone again. Enjoy Sawyer; time flys.
Love Dad and Mom

tanalicious said...

its funny, really. i found jessica via some random way. i was just creeping through blogs and saw hers. i liked her style so i checked it a few times, then i saw the post with matt at the fair, and then the one with sid and heather. that was only after i'd scheduled photos with her. weird small world. anyways. we should get together and do something fun. i havent matt or sid forever.