Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So my personal favorite part of our trip to St. George was the time Matt called me & told me that Downeast Outfitters had my lusted after chair for the whopping price of not $1200 (like the Pottery Barn wants for it), not $800, like I was willing to pay for it when I misread a Pottery Barn Sale ad, but $400!!!! In perfect condition except for missing the little extraneous lumbar pillow! I now own the Pottery Barn Green Ogee Madison Chair! You have no idea how much joy this stupid chair brings me. I am in love with it and therefore even more in love with my cute husband who found it for me & was willing to spend much more than I'm sure he was comfortable with for a not completely necessary peice of furniture. Oh, and he also bought that big ginormous couch as well, so no matter what I spent in St. George, he had me beat! Good times all around.


Melissa said...

Sounds like it was a great deal.
What about a pic of the ginormous couch?

Jessica Kettle said...

oh man. That is one seriously sexy piece of furniture. I TOTALLY love it and I can't believe you got such a steal on it!!! Good job Matt! And yay for you Celeste. I can't wait to come over and see these lovlies in your basement!

Alana said...

Way to go Matt! I love that chair too!

Dugovic Domain said...

Yaaaay Celeste! Way to marry one of the awesome ones! You SO "mainfested" that chair. Are blogs like, amazing little genies or what?! Congrats babe. And thanks for linking my blog - I'm SO GLAD to find other people who feel the same way I do! Love ya.