Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warning: Probably gonna be TMI (mom, that means "too much information")

So today was house cleaning day. I seriously only do it once a week. An hour or two of good old elbow grease pretty much covers it for a week. (One of the benefits of having a house that can be vacuumed completely without moving the vacuum to another electrical outlet) Anyway, I'm down on my knees wiping up the grime on the baseboards in the hall & I notice that there are little spots of blood EVERYWHERE!!! All over the walls, the doors, the trim, even the floor. Everywhere. It's like someone went a little crazy with the splatter paint. Remember "tole painting" in the 90s? You know, those little kitschy decorations and you had to use watered down acrylic paint & an old toothbrush to get just the right amount of splattering on your little Christmas decorations? Like that, but with blood. Nice, huh? It looked like someone had been making animal sacrifices in my hallway. After ruling that possibility out, I checked us all for open wounds. Nope, no open wounds....oh, but wait.... the dog. Charlie, bless her heart, apparently has some kind of an infection in her ears & spent the weekend at uncle Scott's scratching the crap out of them and so now, when ever she shakes her head (which is frequently, what with the infection & all) she imparts that perfect little splatter pattern on the walls. In blood. Lovely. I've cleaned them off 4 times today.
Good thing I love her more than my left leg.How could you not?
Next time "tole painting" is popular though, I know who I'm going to for some great splatter work.


Melissa said...

So is Charlie gonna be ok?

Celeste said...

yes, she's fine, we have a special potion that takes care of it. Only problem is that after we put it it, she shakes her head & sprays that all over & it stains. bad.