Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember those books? How cool were they? I have been thinking lately that that's how life should be, just for fun, just for a while, just to see. Ya'll know that I am totally happy with where I am, life is very good to me, but I think everyone probably has a few things they look back on and it makes them wonder what would their life be like if they had taken a different course at certain points. Of course my obvious one is what if I had been a little less loaded up on lortab (post tonsillectomy) when Jared asked me out, and had the sense to hit the road. I at least should have figured it out by the time I finished with that first date. anyway. Would I still have had to have gone through another crappy relationship until I figured out that dating "projects" is not where it's at? That was definitely something I had to learn. What if I had not been such a wimp and kept ice skating after I broke my leg? Olympic Gold? What if I had pursued the whole modeling thing (ignoring the fact that there was no way I could have ever achieved the level of skinniness that was demanded of me) moved to LA and shacked up with some aspiring actor and made a bigillion dollars and then overdosed on heroin on the cover of the National Enquirer. What if I had gone to USU with my girls right after high school (besides the obvious freezing to death in that retched place)? I dunno, writing it out now it seems pretty stupid to even think this way, but I guess if it were a book instead of my life, I would certainly read it, and I will admit it, I would cheat, just like I used to with those choose your own adventure books.The one thing I never think about though, just because it's absolutley unthinkable, is what my life would be like if a certain boot hadn't gotten stuck on Jake Olson's foot at J. Crew resulting in my meeting Matt. Without him, nothing else makes sense. Nothing.

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