Sunday, January 14, 2007

Miss Charlie

Here's the famous Charlie, our beautiful mutt. I think that she should be a new official breed though because she's just the best, a Great Dane and Springer Spaniel mix. Being away from her for eight days has really been kinda sucky. I love the way she demurely crosses her paws in front of her when she lays down. I love the way she lets Sawyer take her toys away without any protest. She seems to know that Sawyer is just a baby and that she needs to be gentle. Her tail however doesn't seem to share the same brain as the rest of her body. We looked into having it amputated when we realized that it would be just the same height as a toddler, but she would practically have to learn to walk again because it's this huge, muscley fifth limb. But it honestly has left bruises on my legs. So we just pick Sawyer up when people come over and Charlie gets excited, and it's kinda a non-issue. I am so excited to see her tomorrow though. Gonna get me some loves from my girl. :)

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Kirsten said...

That is the sparkliest dog I've ever seen. LOVE YOUR BLOG