Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think I'm in love...

So on the way home from St. George last night, Matt kept talking about this car we've got to pick up and take to his brother Ryan's so he could do some work on it for one of Matt's clients. I was like, okay, that's fine, we'll just pick it up on the way home and drop it at Ry's, big deal, shut up. When we get to the dealership though, Matt wanders around like an idiot trying to find this car while I'm doing the proverbial "honey, just ask someone for directions" thing. Anyway we stop next to this absolutely beautiful white Toyota Land Cruiser and Matt gets out and says "well this is weird, the key fits, I guess this is the one, Celeste, you wanna drive it back?" And of course, I can tell something is up by this time because he's acting like such an idiot. But I would never dare dream that while I was out of town my husband would buy me my dream car! What a guy. He always knows just what I like. He makes so many sacrifices for our family and always makes everything fun. We've been talking about selling my Sienna and getting something we can tow our snowmobiles with, but a Land Cruiser has always been one of those one day when we're rich kinda cars, we'd been looking at the 4Runners mostly. I never was too keen on the idea of driving a mini-van, and although I love it now, functionally-wise, it really makes me feel matronly and I can't say I love it. Not so with this Cruiser though. It has leather, heated seats, sun roof, DVD player, iPod input, a brush guard, freaking sweet rims & tires, those pretty amber tinted windows I love, and let's face it, this is a MILF-tastic car. Today I am going to select a 311 sticker for the back window, because I never felt quite right about doing that with the Sienna, you know? It just didn't fit. I just didn't fit. The Cruiser, however....like a glove. I am in love with my car. Now, what to name her? I'm open to suggestions.

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