Wednesday, January 24, 2007

yeah for today

today was such a good day; you know how some days you're just on your A-game, getting stuff done and all that? Sawyer seems to have outgrown her 2nd nap, so we're trying a new schedule, which actually is great because it allows me to spend more time at the gym in the morning which I need to do to get ready for the pageant. I made a healthy breakfast for everyone, and we finally had family scriptures. Sawyer and I went to the gym, had lunch and then she went down for her nap. While she was sleeping I was able to do some stuff around the house that I've been meaning to do for a long time and I threw some yummy stuff in the crock pot for dinner. Matt & I went to the temple while Caroline watched Sawyer. It's been a while since we've been, and it was really nice to escape the world for a while and be in such a peaceful place, and focus on serving others rather than myself or my family. I haven't been able to spend near enough time with Matt today, but when he comes home from basketball we'll be able to hang out for a while. I am trying really hard to find clothes for the pageant, and it is hard, there aren't very many modest dresses, I may have to have something made or altered. I wish I could take my wedding dress, dye it a sexy blue, red or green and cut the train off. On Oprah today she had people list 5 adjectives for their marriage, and mine were trusting, dependable, fun, good team, growth. It makes me so sad to hear these other people describing their relationships as "mean, stagnant, lonely, boring..." It seems like we have been so sucked in by this Hollywood movie definition of love and romance, that is totally not what a real lasting relationship is all about. It's hard work, and when you say "I do" it doesn't magically make everything you've struggled with better, it just makes it more important that you triumph over those trials. It puts more on the line. I want Matt to come home so I can have him do this 5 word thing too. I feel like newly commited to our relationship for some reason. I really am so blessed, and he is so wonderful, we have such fun plans for the future, and thanks to Matt being such a genius with money, those things are likely to become realities. How did I get so lucky? I found the little scrapbook he made me when he proposed a while ago and my favorite page is the last one, where he just filled the whole page with a huge list of all the things we had talked about doing, and there were so many that we had already done in the 4 short years we've been married! I am so excited to do and to become and to see all those thing we've listed at one point or another. yeah!

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Kirsten said...

Awesome...aren't days like that the best. I love hearing that my friends are so happy and in such a great place. I love that you and matt love. I could have never picked anyone else that's better for you and you for him. You complement each other so well. Don't go too ape on the exercising, you look so hot already...yesterday I was imagining you and Kierstin in dresses at the pageant and it really made me so happy and I am so proud of you both. It will be a great experience. Anything is a great experience and builds character when you: work hard, put your all into it, go out of your comfort zone, and stand for something you believe in. YOU CAN"T GO WRONG...I AM PROUD OF YOU>>>>ya know!!!