Sunday, January 28, 2007


Friday night Matt & I went to dinner at Z. Tejas (YUMMY!) with my parents, and that was nice, until I regressed back into super-wench at my mom. How do I learn to not be such an irritable jerk? My mom is so super nice, and for some reason it really bugs me at times. Sawyer had a diaper emergency, and I had to go down to the car in the parking garage at the Gateway, a place where I feel completely comfortable, (worked there long enough) and when she offered to walk down with me because she would worry, I got sooooo annoyed. I know, I'm a jerk. When am I going to outgrow this? I've been so irritated at Matt all weekend, too. I need to stop. Any suggestions? Anyway, on the way home from the Gateway, Brock and Jordan called, they had both forgotten and/or lost their wallets, and were at Olive Garden by our house and needed to be bailed out of dish-doing duty. We had them stay over and watched Superman Returns after they ate us out of house & home. (Just kidding, guys) I looked at it as a challenge, actually, my reheating leftovers skills were at their peak, and I could do no wrong. Eventually my work paid off, and about midnight they said they were finally full. I love those guys so much, I cannot believe my nephews are such rockstars and rolemodels. They are room mates at BYU this year until Jordan goes on his mission in April, and they are loving it. This picture is old, and compared to Blaine (guy on the left) they look tiny, but they are HUGE, I wish I had taken pictures on Friday.

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I am an OGRE!!!!!!