Friday, January 7, 2011

30 days of truth

So in keeping with my desire to not have anything to do with blogs that only show sunshine & rainbows & puppies who don't poop, I like the idea of stealing an idea from my good buddy Laura & whoever she stole it from. The idea is this: 30 days of truth. Everyday I will share a truth, pretty or not. Feel free to play along either in the comments or on your own blog.

Today's is "share something you don't like about yourself."

Well I think I did a fine job of that a few posts ago. But guess what? There's more!
(wow, is this ever not conducive to my "be nice to me" resolution!)

I don't love that I'm SUPER worried about inconveniencing other people. Strangers particularly. I worry about taking up too much space. I worry about my kids being too loud. I worry about asking for help. I worry about chewing my gum too loud. Or talking too loud. Or walking too loud. Or being late. There's got to be a happy medium between being inconsiderate and being (or attempting to be) invisible.

An example? Sure, I've got one fresh in my mind. Just flew into Vegas. With an 8 month old. Its pretty inevitable that there will be a bit of crying, right? Well Abram was awesome, but for a few minutes at the last he was just tired & done & he cried. For like 30 seconds. Matt was wanting to try & help him calm down & I kind of flipped out.

Must. Make. Baby. Shut. Up.

I happen to have on my person the only "binkie" that he will take, so I was all snarky with Matt until he gave him to me.
Tell me, is that normal? To be paranoid that I might be inconveniencing complete strangers? Paranoid to the point of nearly ripping my son out of my sweet husband's arms who was trying so hard to let me relax? Let me know.

What's yours? Let me know that too.

Let's increase the "realness" in the blogging world.

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Schmath said...

Haha. That's how I feel about driving. I won't stay in the fast lane longer than it takes to pass someone. But I've found that some jerkfaces will still tailgate me in the slow lane. Geez. Some people could really afford to take a page outta your book and care a little more.

Melissa said...

I'm a happy medium.
Sometimes I care, sometimes I don't.
I think it depends on my mood.
Lately I've been really conscious about how much I talk.
I realize I talk tons and am paranoid that I'll talk too much and the other person will think I'm a conversation bully.
So I'm trying to listen more.
I end up hearing everyones problems though and it starts to depress me, so I'm wondering what I should do?
Just not talk to people?

the Lola Letters said...

Ha ha! YES! And can I just say, THE ONLY thing that can make me snap at my sweet husband IS ALWAYS something to do with being stressed out with the kiddos. We get along FAMOUSLY...and then I have a baby and turn into something of a raving lunatic out of nowhere.

At least we recognize it though. And say sorry a lot... ;)

James and Jenni McBride said...

Yep, that's me as well. If my kids were to have cried on an airplane I would have been really upset myself. You are not alone my friend! BUT I will say that as a mom of kids who are older now, I don't mind when babies cry on an airplane because I want to get off as much as they do so I don't think other people care as much as we as parents do. Does that make sense?

Ashley Thalman said...

I am the same damned way. In fact, so much so that I stopped going to church for a few months when Harper was at her worst.

Thank G I had a good bishop who told me, "Ashley, no one cares as much as you do."

What a great lesson.