Thursday, January 20, 2011

As long as we are talking truth...


Equals this:

But seriously, check out that score! I THRASHED my mother-in-law's high score & she's like the smartest person I know! But the rest of the house is still in good shape, and, look at it this way, I'm teaching Abram to entertain himself! Right?

Also, please look that game over, if you can see a way to get rid of that Z, please let me know!

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the Lola Letters said...

ha ha ha!!!!!
I wrote a big fat HoF blog today.
You should SEE the sad, sad state of my house.


Congrats on the high score!!

Daisy Chick said...

Celeste I am so impressed...that is an amazing score...I love Book Worm too but my high score is only 750,000 that is incredible.