Thursday, January 13, 2011

best day ever.

I honestly think today was my best mothering day. Like ever. No, really. And do you want to know how I define such a wonder?
- no snapping Sawyer's head off when she dawdles, loves her brother a tad to enthusiastically, or just acts like a 5 year old.
- no half-hearted responses to her (many) requests for validation that she is, in fact, the silliest 5 year old to have ever walked the planet.
- played (and actually enjoyed doing so) with each of my children, individually and together without being distracted by things I needed to do, my phone or shiny things.
- helped Cydney with a cute little project without screwing it up.
- made a birthday cake without hiring a certain big screen television as a babysitter. In fact, guess what? Haven't turned the tv on all day. like at all. I know, right?
- in the afternoon I had a great, uplifting conversation with a great, uplifting friend of mine. Thereby renewing my ability to continue said awesome day in the same manner that I started it in.
- actually studied, not just read, scriptures. and loved it. go read Alma 26. Those guys are awesome.
- got up early and went to the gym with Cydney. While we were there I read a great article about happiness in Women's Health magazine. In fact, that article is probably largely responsible for this great day. It really hit me when it said that "what we pay attention to plays a huge role in how happy" you'll be. I have wasted a lot of energy lately paying attention to how futile a lot of the stuff I do on a day-to-day basis is.
That perfectly clean floor is just going to be covered in crumbs as soon as Abram is done eating.
The laundry baskets are always half full again by the time I finish putting away the clean clothes.
If no one can bother to rinse out the sink after they brush their teeth, maybe I should just quit cleaning the bathrooms all together? (shudder)
You know the drill.
But am I cleaning a house? Is that my main goal in life? To keep a house clean? NO! that's pathetic! I'm raising a beautiful, sweet, talented daughter of God. I'm investing in an eternal relationship with the love of my life. I'm nurturing and nourishing a baby who is simply radiant with pure love!! That's what I need to be paying attention to!
"and all other things are simply appendages to it"
I feel like I finally got that today.

Here's hoping that I get it again tomorrow.

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Kierstin said...

Yay! You are amazing and an inspiration and I love you!