Sunday, January 2, 2011


is it just me, or is new year's eve totally over-rated? sometimes i think that if i was a drinker person, maybe it would be a thrill-a-minute, but then i remember that drinking has zero appeal to me what so ever. like not even a little bit. never has. so i guess i just need to enjoy the quiet little friend & family gatherings that make up the new year's eves of my life.
this year we spent the night with our good friends, the Williams' and Cella's. we had a feast of Chinese food, egg nog cheesecake & cupcakes from the cocoa bean. the adults snuck into rick & annetta's bedroom to watch the other guys (funny buddy cop movie) while the kids played the wii, tormented the dogs and devoured the better part of a costco sized barrel of cheeto balls.
a good time was had by all.
until about 11:05 when Abram woke up & let us know that he was completely over not being in his own bed. buddy had had it up to here.
so we went home & were all in bed before the ball dropped.
and i am fine with it.

last year matt & i each set some goals & they have been up on the fridge for the entirety of 2010.
i feel pretty good about my performance resolution-wise. here they are:
- have a healthy baby.... check! (ten bonus points for the fact that he is remarkably amazing and entirely too yummy)
- be a better mom (patience) .... obviously this is always a work in progress, but i think i consistently progressed throughout the year
- more consistent scriptures & prayers.... um, did pretty good there while i was preggers, but since giving birth to Abram, it's kinda gone in the toilet.
- keep my car clean... i do try. i empty the garbage areas quite frequently... it's on my radar.
- plant & take care of a good garden.... this one may not have been entirely fair for me to expect of myself. i had a baby in May for goodness sakes. but it grew & we got some stuff out of it.
- back down to driver's license weight by end of year.... well the last time i stood on a scale, i was 2.5 pounds above this goal, so i say that's alright. (keep in mind that this was before this weekend's cupcake debacle)
- no more lunches out.... there was a time there for a while that sawyer & i were doing lunch quite a bit. no more. easier on our budget & my girlish figure. and my daughter's sense of entitlement.

not too shabby
but what great things will 2011 teach me?
like i mentioned earlier, i hope to quit comparing my(worst)self to others (best) quite so much.
and while we are on the subject, that last post, you know, the one about how i don't do a very good job of focusing on my strengths.... yeah i hope that no one took that like i was fishing for compliments. it was soooo not that. i almost wish i had disabled comments on it because, although it always nice to hear people say that they think you are super swell, it was not what i was getting at. i just really want to start being a bit kinder to myself.
so for 2011, let's do that!
resolution #1- be kind to me
resolution #2- scriptures & prayers
resolution #3- assume the best of others

i think i'm going to keep it simple this year. those 3 kind of cover everything though, don't they?
what are you going to work on in 2011?


Kirsten said...

I love your resolutions. I am going to take them on as well. That #1 is tough sometimes....I go through phases of being good and bad at that. But nonetheless, I love you :) Let's help each other be good at that one :)

Love you sis :)

James and Jenni McBride said...

Celeste, you do so many amazing things with your life and help so many other people. I hope you can see what great things you have already accomplished in your life and be proud of those as well. Simply said....I think you ROCK!

the Lola Letters said...

Oooo, assume the best of others.

Girl, I like the way you think!

Consider these resolutions copy/pasted into my life. Thanks for the New Year's cheat sheet ;)

the Lola Letters said...

Oh, and p.s.

You SO didn't seem like you were fishing ;)