Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 14

A hero that has let you down.

Tiger Woods.

Actually just kidding. That's Matt's answer. He may have cried during that whole scandal.

Sheesh, for me though? I don't know. Hero is a strong word. I've got some people I admired that let me down, but apparently I choose my heroes well because they don't let people down. Jesus Christ. King Benjamin. Abigail (1 Samuel chapter 25). My best friend Kirsten. My parents. That husband of mine.
So far so good on the heroes staying on a pedastal.
I have siblings & friends who have made (in my opinion) some dumb choices, but nothing that would dissolve my admiration or love for them.
I am fortunate enough to know some phenomenal people.

This question & its answer are a little on the lame side. Sorry.

In other news-
We are on our way to Denver to see The Airborne Toxic Event concert WITH the Colorado Symphony. It's going to be uhmazing. Matt bought tickets for me for Christmas. He's the GOAT. I know LL Cool J says he is, but he's not. The Greatest of All Time is Matthew Thomas Davis. End of discussion, LL. You are the greatest lip licker of all time, but the All Around goes to my husband.

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Becky said...

ummm, have i weird because that doesn't appeal to me at all? love ya anyway!

Celeste said...

Yes you are very weird. That concert was the pinnacle of my concert-attending life. I can die now.