Wednesday, March 19, 2008

digiscrap crap

I've been trying to be more consistent with my digital scrap booking. My sister-in-law Becky has recently converted from paper and she is amazing. She sends me new layouts nearly everyday, and it's really inspired me to get my booty in gear. I really do like it, but it takes me sooo long to finish a page because I over think everything. I really do need to do something like this to help me start trusting my creative instincts. (oh, wow. As I typed that it felt like an epiphany. This is totally an issue I have leftover from my awful high school art experience... that's why I never dare to decorate my house, or accessorize, or do much more than copy other people's wedding cakes! I don't trust my own creative instincts! Damn that Mrs. Hart!) Anyway, I am on the road to recovery, so please give my any comments or suggestions on these last few pages I've made.

DeeDoo (that's "thank you" in Sawyer)

p.s. I think if you click on them they will be bigger and you might be able to actually read the words.

p.s.s. huh. never mind. if anyone knows how to do that whole "click to view enlarged" thing, let me know.

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