Monday, March 24, 2008


Matt bartered some golfing for planning family home evening, and he (as always) came up with such a cute thing to involve Sawyer & really get her attention. I swear, I could never be this creative if my life depended on it. He made this adorable little slidey thing that showed Grandma & Grandpa walking to the temple on their mission in Taiwan. Wonderful! How cute is this video?


The Neilson Family said...
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The Neilson Family said...

Oh my GOSH this was the cutest FHE I've ever seen. No wonder Jed had a hard time preparing lessons when he was your hubby's home teaching companion! His lessons are sooo good! But of course, I have all the faith in the world Jed will do just fine with our own little wee one. Seriously Celeste, what a good lesson. I even learned a lot! I hope your parents are doing well and yeah, what is up with the seriousness of your girl doing eggs. WHOA! Can we say OCD?

Kirsten said...

Oh my stinkin' cuteness. WOW. You guys are the best. That's the sweetest thing in the whole world. I love you and Matt. What a video treasure that is.

E/S MILLER said...

Thank you for that FHE Matt. that is a treasure and we love it. It made us feel like we were with you in your frontroom. We are so proud of the effort you are making to be good parents. you are a great example to all of us.
We love you. Grandma and Grandpa