Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Shoes!

So my sweet husband insists that each spring Sawyer and I both get Easter dresses. I know, huh? Well, Sawyer's dress is for a whole other post, but yesterday I got my first annual pair of "Easter shoes". As much as I love dresses, I am all set for dresses right now & couldn't find anything I liked. However, I have been LUSTING over these little biddies for quite some time now and when I walked into Macy's yesterday they were miraculously on sale and now they are mine! Obsenely cute, huh? They are like spring on my feet and I love them.

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Dugovic Domain said...

Those shoes really are so CUTE! I am already addicted to your blog by the way... you are a totally funny writer! I tried to leave a comment on your 311 post last week, but stupid blogger was having difficulty and I eventually gave up! I just wanted to say...Happy Easter Shoes!