Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter! version 2.0

My parents emailed me this link and I am a very visual person and pictures of the Savior are always very touching to me, so I was a total mess during the entire slideshow. I guess this is a traveling photography show depicting various scenes of Jesus' life, and that one with John the Baptist in the river, just... oh goodness. Go look at it, see the joy on his face. Wow. Art is cool. http://www.reflectionsofchrist.org


kelli said...

Hey, I saw from one of your posts that you switched gyms? How come? I go to the aquatic center. I have for the last 3 years. I really like it for the most part. I like the Day care for Ethan. I don't like some of the classes, and they don't offer very many times for the classes, but for the most part I like them. I was thinking of changing to Golds' because it is cheaper and closer, but then I saw you switched. Just wondering why?

Emily said...

So I love the tramp pictures those are so cute!! Ok so I need some advice on Bella's cake. I am pretty sure I told you I wanted to do a giraffe cake but I am just not sure the best possible way to do it, any suggestions. I was thinking about cutting it out but I am just not sure. Also I was thinking of doing that fondant stuff (I have no idea how that is spelled so sorry if it is totally wrong). I don't just let me know what you think. Also maybe you could just email me the recipe you have for the fondant my email is christabelkesler@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!