Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Sawyer has some pretty fierce concentration skills when it comes to colors & bunnies & stickers.
After hours & hours of primping, the final look is reavealed.
The tiny ponies were a big hit!
We have yet to see if Sawyer has gotten her photogenic skills from Matt's side or Celeste's. So far this is lookin' pretty Davis-y. ;)


kelli said...

Your little baby is all grown up! She has grown up so much in these last months, she is a little girl, and not at all a baby any more! She is darling, and I love the Easter dress.
p.s. I miss v.t. with you too! I am going to add your blog to my link list on my blog. Hope that is O.K. I also love the cake page. You do such an awesome job!

AndersonFamily said...

Sawyer is getting so big!!!! I love looking at your blog cause its always so cute! We need to get together!

E/S MILLER said...

Sawyer is really growing; we can't believe how big she is.
She looks so old with her hair pulled back. Don't let her grow up too fast. She has such a pretty smile. We are not at all partial.
We love you. Dad and Mom and Granpa and Grandma