Thursday, March 13, 2008

SOOOO not pregnant & New Orleans

I guess I just got a little thought stuck in my brain, that perhaps the reason why I had gained a few pounds in a few days was NOT because I had been eating like crap & not exercising, but rather that I was pregnant. Denial is sure strong, isn't it? Well, add that to the fact that I was completely off my rocker onery and irritable and you have the equation for my last stupid preemptive post. But I would like to be pregnant. Very much so, actually. (And it's not just because I forgot how incredibly bad having a period SUCKS!!!! God bless whoever came up with the IUD!) So, we'll get working on that, I guess. I'll let ya know how it goes. ;)
Okay, down to less intimate items of business.... Matt & I's trip to New Orleans was awesome! I was all worried that he would hate it, because he was not excited to be in the aftermath of Katrina (yes, I know. You try telling him it was 3 years ago) and we really weren't sure of what to expect. It was lovely; lovely food, lovely hotel, lovely weather, lovely husband all to myself time, lovely people, lovely concert (actually, the concert was a bit disappointing, I'll get into it later.) It was so much fun to be out on an adventure with Matt again, sure, he still had to get work phone calls occasionally, but it actually kind of makes me proud of him, because he is so good with the people he works with and I like to see that he is in a field that challenges him, but also one that he is so great at. New Orleans is actually pretty cool, easy to get around, we stayed at the Marriott at the Convention Center which is close to everything, we walked everywhere, and rode the streetcar and did lots of eating, the food was incredible. Fresh shrimp like you wouldn't believe, and bread pudding....oh my goodness... the bread pudding! oh! with a rum sauce! geez louise. And they have these little french donut/scones called beignets, and HOLY CRAP they are good! I am going to have to find a few recipes and make them soon, because I feel like a crack addict detoxing, and I only had 1.5 of them. That's how good they were.
We also took the streetcar to a part of the city called the Garden District, all these gorgeous Greek revival homes, from the early 1900s, that have the most stunning gardens with bright pink and white flowers all over, it's just so lush there. I'll have to get those pictures on here later, we had a disposable camera with us on Tuesday so that we could take it to the concert without fear of losing our expensive digital camera. That brings us to the concert...the reason for the trip....311 Day. I will say that it was a good show, but being my 19th 311 show, I realized that, as much as I love them, and as much as they evolve with each new album, they kinda don't change their live show much. The last time there was something new was the first time I saw the drum circle and the different verse in All Mixed Up, which was before I even married Jared! So yeah, while they DO put on a great live show, it's not like one of those things where "if it's not broke, don't fix it." I guess they played 3 sets of 19 songs, but we left at 11:30, 4 1/2 hours into it. Matt was hilarious at the show, once he got some caffeine in his system, I am just so grateful that he is always so willing to let me do these crazy things that I love and that he just tolerates, but he is always down for a good time & we have fun whether it's a me thing or a he thing. I love being married to my best friend. On Wednesday we slept in, walked around foraging for breakfast food after breakfast food time (one of my least favorite things to do EVER) and eventually stumbled upon those lovely beignets just in time for second breakfast. Then we met our little plantation tour and did that for the remainder of the afternoon. It was a very fun little excursion, we had a blast, and learned a lot. For dinner we walked around the French Quarter until we were about to pass out from hunger and settled on a cute little restaurant where we discovered Po' Boys and red beans and rice and jambalaya and hush puppies, all delicious! Especially the red beans and rice, oh, buddy. We didn't like their dessert selection, so we walked around hoping to find more beignets, to no avail, but we did venture into a restaurant right by our hotel called Mulate's with a zydeco band jumpin' off and everyone was dancin', it was quite a lively place and had the most unbelievable Mississippi mud cake and in-freaking-credible bread pudding. Got up at 4 am and sat on a joke of an airplane for 4 hours and now we are home. It was so good to see that Sawyer had so much fun with Steven & Jen, they are wonderful. Now Charlie is all bathed and snoring, and I will be soon too. Good night (nap).

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