Wednesday, March 19, 2008

three cheers for 17%

So I finally took the plunge and made a decision on the gym issue. We are now proud new members of Performax and yeah for that! I can't believe I waited so long to do this, it is such a better fit. I miss the crap out of my girls at Golds, (Shelley, Quincey, Kierstin, Lindsey, Jill, Jill, that means you!) but I know that I made the right decision for Sawyer and that feels really good. Out of all the decisions you have to make for your child, it feels good to instantly know that you made one right one. She is sooo much happier and excited to go to the "new gym" and play. They rarely have the TV on, and there are NEVER more than one or two kids watching it. They have a row of computers with great kids programs, tons of toys and books, slides and really active climby-on things as well as Sawyer's favorite: DRESS UPS!!! The only bad thing is that now I have a hard time getting her to leave! The people that work there are SOOO nice and love kids and have really taken to Sawyer, as she has to them.
It's a really fun time of life right now, things are great and my secret, well-hidden pessimist is skulking around in my brain wondering what will go wrong to throw things out of balance. How do I get him to shut up so that I can just enjoy stuff right now?
Matt & I are having so much fun in our marriage, we are very good at staying on the same page goals and priorities-wise so we never get too far out of sync. New Orleans was very good for us I think. I am so grateful for him, I never knew I could get so lucky. There is so much you really don't know when you are first getting engaged, stuff that becomes so important over the course of a marriage, and somehow I got lucky and Matt has all the right answers to those questions I never thought to ask. Does that make sense? Plus he's hot. ;) Oh, and he's getting hotter by the day.... he and some of his friends are meeting every morning at 6:45 at the gym! That is very sexy to me for some reason. I think because I love to work out so much, it is nice to share that commitment with him. And it makes him tired earlier, so we are ready for bed closer to the same time! Yeah! That's something we've kind of struggled with, I need more sleep than he does usually.
So anyway, as new members of Performax, we get 2 sessions with a trainer, and I had my first today. Tim is a very nice little meathead (in a good way. I mean nothing but that he is kinda beefcake.), quite knowledgeable and newly engaged, so I hope to be able to trade wedding cake for personal training once I am ready to get rid of baby weight in 10-12 months! But he tested my body fat on one of those bioelectric impeadance things that you hold in your hands which are supposed to be more accurate than the scale/foot one I've been using. That one has been telling me that I'm at 27%, and while I've been pretty sure that's high, I have been using it as a judge to tell whether I'm going up or down, you know? Well, today I measured at 17%!!!!! That is freaking awesome! Now, I know that's not the most accurate way to measure it, but when I hydrostatic tested in college I wasn't in as good of shape and was at 20% then, so I'm pretty sure 17% is fairly accurate. But that was a good little boost for me today. Basically he says whatever I've been doing is great, tweaked my routine in a few places and then as soon as I'm ready post-baby, we'll start doing some triathalon training and get me leaned down to where I am a freaking rockstar! How fun is that!?

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