Thursday, March 13, 2008

my best girls

I had to try to pop this picture a bit, because they were both sleeping and I didn't want to turn the flash on & wake them up, so sorry that it is very dark. I LOVE this new little friendship that is developing between Charlie & Sawyer, they love to hang out and play. Sawyer sometimes even reads stories to Charlie, I'll have to catch a picture of that soon, it is too cute! On this particular day, I decided to let Sawyer practice sleeping in a big girl bed so that she would feel okay about it at Steven & Jen's while we were in New Orleans, and since this is usually where Charlie likes to nap (don't tell any of our guests but it's actually Charlie's bed, not theirs. (Don't worry we throughly wash the sheets before you come.)) I decided to see if they could nap together. I had to go in a few times & tell Sawyer that it was not time to play, but that she could pet Charlie if she wanted to ONLY if she would stay laying down while she did it. That worked like a charm and here you see how it went. That dog is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. She is the BEST napping companion & I love her to death.

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