Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh goodness, Miller, would you quit whining?, as pathetic as it is, I have been pretty blah lately, probably due to the fact that what I had been looking forward to since OCTOBER is not happening. (uh, that would be meeting 311 for those of you too lazy to look back two posts.) It's stupid, I know. Oh, another thing that sucks is the fact that my gym's daycare has reached a new low of quality in care and I feel so not good about leaving Sawyer there during the onery day shift, which is when I'd really like to go! Since they haven't made any improvements since I origianally complained (or even acted like they gave a crap when I did) you'd think I'd have changed gyms by now, right? Well, it's one of those decisions that, while looking simple to the naked eye, actually has a million aspects to it that make it a surprisingly difficult choice. You know, one of those you keep putting off until it drives you crazy and makes you feel like an indecisive, getting-more-out-of-shape-by-the-minute slob. grrrr. Tuesday I went to the Angels & Airwaves concert with Rossi, (BTW, that girl is so freaking rad, I'm so lucky to have an awesome concert buddy who is just down with anything and everyone's new best friend. Rossi, I bequeath my Mrs. Congeniality crown to you.) which was a lovely show, despite the fact that no Fire Marshall on the planet would have approved of the overcrowedness, and the fact that it started like 4 hours after they said it would, seriously. crap, I just noticed the time, I have to go get ready to meet Matt at the temple & get our sitter. laters.

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